Boise Child Custody Lawyer

Idaho Child Custody Cases

Idaho laws state that an ideal verdict in a child custody hearing is one that ensures that both parents are granted sufficient parenting time; unless this poses a risk to the child’s well-being. The structure that is normally utilized is to have the child reside with one parent and arrangements made for regular parenting time for the other parent.

It is crucial that both parents attempt to arrive at an amicable agreement regarding the child’s primary residence, time allotted for visitation and parental decision making. In cases where an agreement cannot be arrived at by the child’s parents the courts will review the entire case and make a ruling in the best interest of the child according to the standards set forth by the law.

Custody Agreements

In cases where parents are having difficulties arriving at an agreement regarding the custody or other decisions regarding the child, additional mediation help may be sought from skilled professionals who will be able to utilize knowledge of custody proceedings to provide both parties with stable and realistic advise to ensure an amicable agreement is reached that is fully in the best interest of the child. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as well as a Child Family Investigator will provide expertise in each unique case to assist in guiding parents to making the correct decisions for the child in custody proceedings.

Having an attorney to provide information on the laws regarding custody of a child is imperative throughout the mediation and even more essential before any terms are agreed to; this is to ensure that you secure your parental rights. As situations change you may require modifications to the terms you had previously agreed to, our law office will provide knowledgeable legal counsel from the onset to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to allow our clients to be able to continuously advocate for what is in the best interest of the child.

Situations may arise that would cause a parent to fear that the current custody arrangement is not best suited for the holistic development of the child or that the environment is not safe; our office will provide unparalleled Boise Child Custody representation to ensure that concerns regarding your child are escalated to the required level inclusive of court.

If the custody order is violated by a parent or if a parent refuses to abide by or adhere to the time specified; your attorney will be able to advocate with the court for the custody order to be enforced.

The Law Offices of J. Scott Escujuri, PLLC, is also ideally suited to provide representation to grandparent advocating for visitation and parental rights for their grandchildren.


Under Idaho state laws neither parent has the right to relocate a child, involved in a custody case, to another state without first attaining the authorization of the court. In many cases a parent may need to relocate to another state; in these circumstances it is imperative to have legal counsel to guide on the protocols concerning relocation as well as ensure the necessary actions that can be taken.