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We are divorce lawyers providing free information to those considering use of a Boise divorce lawyer for legal separation, child custody, marital dissolution, and Idaho child custody issue.  We offer a free initial review of your situation by a premier Idaho Family Attorney.

As leading Boise divorce lawyers, we understand how painful, uncertain, and difficult divorce proceedings can be on our clients, particularly when the divorce proceedings or separation involves children.  Our specialty is handling contentious child custody cases with the highest level of professionalism and protection for the child, while protecting your legal rights as a parent or guardian to equitable visitation, custody, and  child support issues.

We strive to provide you with the very best divorce attorney consultation and representation for your marital asset, child support & custody problems.  Boise family law can be be complex, but you will have the knowledge that your case is in the highly capable hands of an experienced divorce lawyer in Boise, Idaho.  A divorce lawyer who has handled thousands of Treasure Valley divorces, division of property, assets & separation agreements.  And for those divorces involving children, provided the family law experience to fully cover all of the difficult and painful issues surrounding child support, child visitation, and child custody issues.

We would welcome the opportunity to answer any family law, divorce, or child custody questions that you may have during this stressful time in you life.

Important timeline information to consider if you have been served with divorce papers, or are planning to divorce your spouse in Idaho:

Your attorney has a minimum of ninety one (91) days after you have received divorce papers to contact Family Court for a divorce hearing to either contest the action, or begin the dissolution process.

1.  Before a divorce action can be filed, one spouse must a resident of Idaho for the previous 91 days.

2.  If children are included in the action they typically must have resided in state for 182 days before Idaho courts have the right to determine custody.

3.  The minimum time which must pass after a divorce action is filed (and the other party is legally served) before final orders can be entered concerning the action is 91 days.  Final orders will include declaring the parties legally divorced along with orders that finalize issues of property, outstanding debts, child custody, child visitation & child support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Filing For Divorce in Boise, ID:

Is it a requirement to hire a Divorce lawyer specialized in Family Law/Child Custody cases?

Using anyone but an experienced attorney is not the best course of action if you are part of a divorce case in Idaho – the loss of property, wages, and visitation rights are much too important to gamble with.

Can I bring my asset & property information to my free case review?

Yes, we encourage you to bring all relevant information so that we can provide the best recommendations during your free initial consultation.

How much will it cost to hire a Divorce attorney to protect my legal rights?

Divorce case fees vary depending on the situation, if children are involved, and the complexity of the assets involved in the case.  Contact us for a free initial case review where you will be provided an accurate and reliable fee for protecting your legal rights and assets in your legal separation or marital dissolution.

How can an expert in Family Law court system help with your situation?

An experienced and successful counselor will carefully interview, collect, and investigate all documentation to ensure that your full legal rights are protected at all times.

How best to pick the most effective local Family Court Lawyer for your case?

We recommend that you interview and meet face to face with local attorneys that are specialists in divorce cases in order to have complete trust and comfort that your best interests will be represented at all times.

Helping People During Difficult Times

Our lawyer built his reputation successfully representing wives, husbands and grandparents involved in divorce proceedings in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley, tirelessly negotiating and litigating to protect his clients’ best interests.  Our passion is to provide the legal counsel required to provide a legal path and guidance to the best possible case outcome for his  clients, especially in cases involving child custody issues.

Our firm provides cost effective family law services to clients throughout throughout the state and has earned a reputation for providing superior family law services, no matter the complexity of the case. Our legal team takes great pride in providing all clients with the vigorous advocacy, individual attention, and compassionate counsel each case deserves.  We will help you navigate complex family law matters so that you can move forward in your life with confidence and security.

Free Initial Consultation & Review of your Family Law case

If you have a divorce issue that you need assistance with, contact our  firm to schedule a complementary review of your family law, property, or child custody issue today. We will provide a complementary review of your general divorce,  child custody case or military divorce issues in person, by phone or via email.

We will carefully review all the details of your problem and recommend the best course of legal action in your situation.  We will also fully brief you of your family law rights and the Idaho statutes that will govern the direction of your case, and provide accurate cost estimates to bring your family court issue to a final legal conclusion.

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