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Divorce in BoiseWelcome to the Boise Family Law Center, where we provide free information to those planning for divorce or marital separation in Idaho and offer a free review of your case by premier Boise Family Attorney.

Your attorney has a limited amount of time after you have received divorce papers to contact Boise Family Court to schedule a hearing to either contest the action, or begin the dissolution process.

We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that you may have during this stressful time in you life.

Important timeline information to consider if you have been served with divorce papers, or are planning to divorce your spouse in Idaho:

1.  Before a divorce action can be filed, one spouse must a resident of Idaho for six (6) full weeks prior to filing paperwork.

2.  Following filing of a motion to dissolve marriage, Idaho statute requires that a minimum of twenty (20) days elapses following commencement of the action before action continues in the matter.

3.  Idaho’s “Reconciliation Provision” – In any action of divorce, where grounds for divorce have been established, if the court finds that attempts at reconciliation are practical and in the best interest of the family, the court may stay the proceedings for a period not to exceed ninety days when there are minor children in the family.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Filing For Divorce in Idaho:

Do I have to retain a Family Law Specialist for my divorce or will any Boise Lawyer suffice?

If you are the plaintiff or defendant in any Idaho divorce case, hiring anyone but an experienced attorney is not a practical decision  – the loss of visitation rights, your home, property, earnings, and other assets are simply too important to risk.

How expensive will it be to hire a Idaho Divorce attorney to protect my legal rights?

Each divorce case is unique and the legal fees involved to handle your case will vary by factors such as the complexity of assets involved and if children are involved in the case.  We will be happy to discuss all aspects of your case in person and provide you with an accurate estimate of our legal fees during your complementary initial consultation.

Is it OK for me to bring a listing of mutual assets & property to my free case review?

Of course you may!  We welcome any and all pertinent financial data so that we can give you the best possible information during your first visit to our offices.

What should I look for in choosing the best Family Court Lawyer to handle my case?

As with any major decision, it is best to consult in person with at least three (3) local divorce specialists before selecting the one to handle your case.  The divorce process can be an emotionally taxing experience and it is important to work with someone who fully understands and supports you during this difficult time.

Will an expert in Idaho’s Family Law court system really make a difference in your case?

Absolutely!  Only an experienced and qualified divorce court specialist will systematically collect, examine, and investigate all relevant case information to fully protect your legal rights during the divorce process.

Lending A Hand During Stressful Times

We understand the anguish, pain, and uncertainty that accompanies every divorce case, and how children especially are impacted.  We make every possible effort to process your case in a manner of utmost civility and professionalism, while ensuring that your visitation, property, and support rights are fully protected.

Free Family Law Case Review

Please take the time to schedule your free case review with our office today.  We will thoroughly examine and review all aspects of your situation and provide a recommended course of  action best suited to your personal situation.  In addition, we fully inform you of the specific family law rights and applicable Idaho statutes that will impact the direction of your case, and a complete and thorough cost estimate to bring your Idaho family court issue to a legal conclusion will be provided.

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